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Macom® medical is the UK’s leading distributor of medical grade compression garments and shapewear. Their post surgical garments are produced in Brazil, where there is a long history of surgical expertise. 

All of Macom's compression garments are handmade and have been designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons.

The fabric features movement technology, which means the material mimics the wearers’ movements closely while lying flush against the skin, preventing any unwanted empty spaces or creases. They are double skinned in key areas to ensure maximum support.

 According to surgeons, maintaining a consistent external pressure on deep tissues will lessen the chances of common post-surgery complications and enhance treatment outcomes, improving healing times, minimising scarring and reducing pain.

Macom® compression garments are safe on even the most sensitive or highly reactive skin types and the material holds the CE-mark. All of their products are free from latex and nickel. Macom® products are also vegan friendly, there are no animal derived products in our garments, only cotton, polyamide and elastane.

Why The Fitting Service Stocks Macom Medical Products 

I first discovered Macom Medical whilst I was pregnant and was desperately in search of a good bump support. The bump support was so amazing that I decided to do more research into their compression garments for after giving birth. I decided to purchase the feeding vest and waist sculptor. The expandable cups on the feeding vest was an absolute game-changer for me, and so, when I decided to set up the fitting service I knew that I had to stock Macom products and spread the word about how truly AMAZING they are! 

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