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Macom Flank Foam Compression inserts

Macom Flank Foam Compression inserts

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The Macom Flank Compression Inserts are worn underneath your compression garment, in contact with the skin it provides gentle and continuous compression, therefore, helping to keep the treated area flat and allowing the scarring to heal flat.

The use of inserts helps to decrease dead space, facilitate the retraction of the skin. The insert provides extra support to the surgical site and reduces fluid retention, minimizing the risk of hematomas, alleviating the post-surgery bruising & optimizing lymphatic drainage post-procedure, thus optimizing your healing process.

The Macom Flank Compression Inserts are sold in pairs and are 10 inches x 4 inches ( anatomical inserts)

The inserts can be worn either horizontally or vertically depending on the treated area. 


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