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Shop Post Surgery Bras Designed To Optimise Your Healing 

At The Fitting Service we understand that every surgery experience is unique and we are dedicated to making you feel your best throughout your recovery process. For this reason we stock a range of Medical Grade Compression bras,from a range of reputable post surgery brands such as Macom and Lipoelastic. Each post-op bra has been designed with medical experts to ensure that you receive maximum support and comfort after your breast surgery.

Our range of post surgery bras are suitable for use after breast, chest and cardiothoracic surgeries including breast augmentation and Mastectomy. With varying levels of compression from low to high to ensure you get the right support depending on your surgery type.

 Finding The Right Post Surgery Bra For you

We stock an inclusive size range, to ensure that there is a post op compression bra available for everyone! Sizes start from xs and we stock up to a 52 inch underband, for larger band sizes. Most of our compression bras have heat moulded cups that expand to your new cup size. We stock a variety of colours including pink compression bras!

Key Features of our Post Operative bras 

  • - All of our post surgery bras are Front fastening with either an adjustable hook and eye fastening or a zip fastening, this means that you can adjust once the initial swelling goes down.
  • - Flexible heat moulded cup sizing, for most of our bras are not cup-sized and will expand to your new cup size after your surgery 
  • - Outward facing seams to ensure no rubbing or irration at the surgery site
  • - Breathable fabrics 

Our Post Surgery Bra recommendations 

The Macom Signature bra - Our BEST selling post surgery bra suitable for a wide range of surgery types including fat transfer to the breast and breast augmentation.

The Reco Bra by Recoheart - our best selling bra for breast cancer procedures including lumpectomy and mastectomy.

The Lipoelastic Pi Premium - a second stage bra perfect for that transition after your inital healing process as a non wired bra option.

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