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Accelerate Healing and Enhance Treatment Outcomes with RECOVA® Compression

RECOVA® Compression offers a wide range of compression garments and post-surgery bras meticulously designed to support recovery from various surgical procedures. From liposuction and breast enlargement/reduction to gynaecomastia surgery, abdominoplasty (‘tummy tuck’), and face lifts, our comprehensive collection is tailored to aid in your healing process, minimise complications, and optimise treatment outcomes.

 RECOVA® are committed to providing peace of mind to their clients. By utilizing top-quality hypoallergenic laboratory-tested (EU Standard) medical-grade fabrics, manufactured by VOE garments in Spain, we deliver garments that excel in both compression and comfort. Our garments feature an optimal blend of LYCRA® for firm, 'four-way stretch' compression, and soft polyamide microfibre for durability and comfort during extended wear. They conform to your movements, providing maximum comfort during normal activity, akin to a second skin. As Recova are the sole distributor of these products in the UK, we prioritize delivering exceptional quality.

We understand the importance of increased comfort and discretion during the recovery process. That's why each product in our range is thoughtfully designed to offer maximum compression while ensuring comfort tailored to diverse post-surgery applications. Our garments are free from stays or underwiring and feature flat seams, enhancing both comfort and discretion.

To continuously provide cutting-edge compression garment solutions that meet patients' evolving needs, RECOVA® maintains close collaboration with leading plastic surgeons, hospitals, and clinics. By staying at the forefront of surgical techniques and innovations, we ensure that the products we offer remain unparalleled in their design and effectiveness.

Experience accelerated healing, reduced complications, and enhanced treatment outcomes with RECOVA® Compression. Trust in our expertise to deliver superior compression garments tailored to support your recovery journey.

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