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The Fitting Service

Fitting Services

Fitting Services

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Our mission at The Fitting Service is to help women optimise their post-surgery recovery, to feel comfortable and supported and to help them with their journey to feeling the best versions of themselves.

We offer a range of different fitting services based in our Maidstone studio from pre-surgery bra fittings to breast prosthesis fittings. 

We are offering FREE fittings during May 

If you are unable to visit us face to face then we do offer a virtual bra fitting service. During a virtual consultation you'll be provided with a recommended bra size and taken through what to look for whilst choosing the right bra for you. We will recommend products and brands based on our discussion.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible, so this can be done through a telephone conversation or if you feel comfortable to do so through a zoom call or Whatsapp video, whatever is easiest for you. I am available for a second consultation to check the recommended sizes in person or virtually. 

The thought of going for a bra fitting can be a little daunting for some people so I thought I would address some common questions that I get asked, if you would like to read ' What To Expect During Your Fitting' Please click here 

Pre Surgery Bra Fitting 

Following any chest or breast surgery, you will need a bra that is supportive yet comfortable, our range of compression bras are all front fastening and designed specifically to optimise your healing process. 

Post Surgery Bra Fitting

Following any chest or breast surgery, you will need a bra that is supportive yet comfortable, whether you are going through any treatment, we are here every step of the way to ensure that you get the best bra for you and provide optimal care solutions every step of the way. 

Breast Prosthesis Fitting 

Our aim during your breast form fitting is firstly, to make you feel comfortable and at ease, secondly to allow enough time for you to feel, hold and try as many breast forms as you would like, and, thirdly to fit you with a well-fitting breast form. 

We are stockists of Boost breast forms and Amoena breast forms and have a variety of shapes, sizes, and weights.

Whether you are looking for a softie, swim form, breast form, or partial form, please book for a fitting or please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Maternity Bra Fitting Appointment

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You may have started to notice changes within your body already and have decided it is time to start wearing a maternity bra.

During this fitting, we will make sure that you leave feeling super comfortable whilst ensuring the best support for your breasts during your pregnancy. 

If you continue to wear a wire throughout your pregnancy then it is advised to get this checked every 2-3 weeks to just ensure that it is sitting in the right place. 

Lipoelastic Bespoke Compression Garment Measuring Service

At The Fitting Service, we understand that not one size fits all and we know that choosing your post-surgery compression garment is also an important purchase.

We are certified measurers for Lipoelastic for their bespoke compression garments. 

If you are interested in being measured for a bespoke garment please book below or alternatively if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

*please note that it takes a week for production. 

PostPartum Nursing Bra and Compression Garment Fitting

Whether you are in need of a Nursing bra, compression garments or in search for something comfortable whilst your milk comes in and your body is adjusting after giving birth, book in for a postpartum fitting appointment today. 


Compression Garment Fitting

Choosing the right compression garment for your surgery can be a little confusing with lots of options to choose from. We are here to help with sizing and garments that will be suitable for your surgery


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