The against breast cancer logo with ladies holding bras to recyle, image credit: Against Breast Cancer

Recycle Your Bras And Support Breast Cancer Research with our Bra Recyling Bin

When it's time for an underwear drawer clearout, there's no need to discard your unwanted bras! Our Against Breast Cancer Bra recycling bin offers a better solution - recycle your bras and make a meaningful impact by supporting an incredible cause and empowering other women. 

Continue reading to see how our Against Breast Cancer Bra Bin works! 

against breast cancer logo and image of ladies with bras to recycle, image credit: against breast cancer

How Does The Against Breast Cancer Recyling bin work?

Join our mission to recycle bras and make a meaningful impact! Say goodbye to your old bras and give them a new purpose through our innovative bra recycling scheme. By partnering with bra banks across the globe, we raise essential funds for groundbreaking breast cancer research.

But that's not all! Your discarded bras also play a significant role in supporting small businesses in developing countries across Africa and beyond. Our textile recovery project prevents these bras from ending up in landfills, providing them with a fresh start in places like Togo, Ghana, and Kenya, where producing bras locally can be costly.

By participating in this initiative, you contribute to creating income opportunities for families in developing nations and providing employment for people right here in the UK. Even bras that are beyond redemption can still be used by dismantling and recycling parts of the bra.

For every tonne of bras collected, Against Breast Cancer receive £700 towards funding vital research. Imagine the difference we can make, with over 30 million women in the UK, by uniting for this cause! Together, we can transform lives and drive positive change. Join us on this remarkable journey today!

How to Recycle Your Bras

If you are local to Maidstone then you can pop by our studio based in the Old Library on St Faiths Street, alternatively you can pop them in the post ! 

If you would like to speak to us about recyling your bras, please contact us on 01622 805108

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