Collection: Post Surgery Compression Girdles

At The Fitting Service we are dedicated to providing your the best post surgery compression girdles range to help you choose the right post surgery girdle for your recovery. We stock a range of medical grade compression brands so you can recover in confidence. 

All of our post surgery girdles are adjustable and come in a variety of styles such as high back girdles or with extended leg compression. 

At The Fitting Service we understand that every surgery and everyone is different, this is reflected in our post surgery compression girdle collection which features a range of different girdles, from high backs to extended leg compression we have you covered. Our Post Surgery Girdles feature either gussets fastenings or open gussets for ease of use. 

Our compression girdles can be used after breast reconstruction procedures such as Diep Flap, abdominal surgeries such as tummy tucks and c-sections or liposuction. To read more about the benefits of wearing compression after your surgical procedure please click here.

It is recommended to buy 2 post surgery garments for hygiene reasons. We offer 10% off the second garment you purchase, this is automatically applied at checkout

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