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Lipoelastic PI Relax

Lipoelastic PI Relax

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The PI Relax Seamless Compression Bra is the perfect choice for your first-stage recovery after breast surgery. Designed for augmentations, reductions, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction, or mastopexy, this bra offers superior comfort and support. Its special hemming technology ensures that the bra stays in place without rolling up or causing discomfort around the incision areas. With its suitability for larger implants, the PI Relax provides the ideal compression and helps to stabilise implants during your recovery process. All Lipoelastic products come with labels attached on the outside to ensure maximum comfort and avoid irritation


Size Measurements in inches
Under breasts in inches Breast circumference
XS 24¾ - 26 ½ 30¼ - 32
S 26¾ - 28¼ 32 - 34¾
M 28¾ - 30¾ 34¾ - 38¼
L 31 - 33 37 - 39¾
XL 33½ - 35½ 39¾ - 42½
XXL 35¾ - 37¾ 42¼ - 45¾
3XL 38 - 43¼ 44½ - 48



Awarded with the OEKO-TEX® certificate



​Products should be washed by hand, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. They should be air-dried.

Bleach and fabric conditioner should never be used on the products. 

Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the garments as this may lead to permanent alteration of their shape and a loss of elasticity.

Do not remove stains with solvents.


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