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Royce Charlotte Nursing Bra - Beige

Royce Charlotte Nursing Bra - Beige

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The Charlotte nursing bra is a great choice for women with a larger bust, not only is it comfortable, it is  supportive too, easy to wear and now it’s available in KK and L cups 

The mesh top cup makes it stylish as well as supremely practical, and it comes with easy-release drop cup clips like all Royce nursing bras.

Material and Care 

60% Polyamide, 33% Cotton, 7% Elastane.

The Charlotte bra can be safely machine washed on a cool 30 degrees, delicate/gentle cycle or hand washed.

It is recommended that your bras are placed in a lingerie or mesh bag and that all hooks are done up before placing them into the washing machine.

Always separate your darks, lights, and whites to avoid colour bleeding.

Royce Lingerie garments are best dried naturally. It is recommended that you do not to leave them in direct sunlight as this may damage.

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