What is a Post Surgery Bra and Why Should I wear one?

A post surgery bra is the bra that you wear immediately after your breast surgery. Depending on the procedure you are having you may find that there are certain first stage bras that are more suited towards the type of surgery you have had compared to others. 

Can I just wear a sports bra or a non wired bra?

Sports bras are great for exercise and nursing bras are brilliant during pregnancy and your breast feeding journey but they are not the most ideal post surgery.

Your post surgery bra needs to allow for swelling, although swelling is a natural part of the healing process to much swelling can be an issue and cause a longer recovery time and affect the overall results of your surgery. 

Medical compression bras are designed in a way to optimise your healing process:

- They are seamless
- They are front fastening
- They offer stable support
- They increase your blood microcirculation and reduce pain
- They are wire - free
- They improve your lymphatic drainage
- Reduces the risks associated with surgery such as haematomas

By increasing the micro blood circulation to that area you are allowing more oxygen to flow to that area. The oxygen in your blood contains nutrients which help heal so by increasing that, you are optimising your recovery. 

Your lymphatic drainage system is your body's natural waste disposal and plays an important part in your healing journey. The lymphatic system regenerates tissues, expels toxins, and reduces fluid retention and swelling. By optimising your lymphatic system you optimise your recovery. 


How many post surgery bras do I need?

You may already been advised that constant compression is important in your healing journey post surgery during the first few weeks post op, unless for short periods of time like bathing or changing your bra. 

This is why even if the hospital are providing you with a post surgery bra it is recommended to have a spare 1 or 2 bras so that you still have one to wear whilst your original post surgery bra is being washed.

It is perfectly fine for the spare compression bras to be a different style or brand as long as they are front fastening, without padding, wire free and seam free to ensure that no irritation occurs. 

What other things do I need to consider when choosing a post surgery bra?

Colour is something that you may want to consider, immediately after surgery it is recommended to wear a darker colour, just as this conceals any blood or leaks rather than a lighter colour, but obviously it is your decision as to what colour you would like. 

If you need a compression belt, your surgeon will recommend for you to wear one, 

Another thing to consider is that compression bras are meant to be tight but not so tight that it is uncomfortable, if you do need any help with sizing please feel free to contact us on 01622 805108.


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