Amazon Baby Wishlists

I used the Amazon baby wishlist whilst I was pregnant and I found it so useful to be able to compare products that also have lots of reviews, and next day shipping on most items! Perfect for when you are pregnant and want everything like yesterday! 

You can also share the Amazon Baby Wishlist with friends and love ones so perfect for baby shower gifts! 

The Amazon Baby Wishlist gives expectant parents access to over 100,000 baby items, ensuring they can fully personalise their list and benefit from:

  • Recommendations of top baby wishlist products
  • Curated lists of popular products to make shopping for baby easier
  • Share list with friends and family at the click of a button via social media or email
  • Thank you list to easily track gifts
  • Universal Wishlist: Easily add items from any website for one easy to manage wishlist using Amazon Assistant
  • Free shipping for Prime members


Plus, expectant parents can save up to 15% on one of their baby wishlist purchases

To start your amazon baby wishlist and get 15% off please click here 

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