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The Lipoelastic KP Special abdominal binder features separated three or four panels, allowing for the adjustment of compression in the abdominal area as needed. It is  suitable after abdominal cosmetic surgery, tummy tuck, DIEP flap, hernia surgeries, or abdominal liposuction.

The Key Benefits of the Lipoelastic KP Special Binder 

Compared to single-panel abdominal binders, the separated panels enable better adjustment of compression. Postoperatively, patients may find it challenging to fasten a single panel due to pain during movement; separated panels are designed to be easier to adjust and close.

The sides of the belt are reinforced with a flexible strap for added support. In comparison to the standard KP Velcro fastener, the material used in the KP Special is softer and more elastic.


  • Front fastening with separated Velcro fasteners

LIPOELASTIC offers two lengths of the binder. Please select the right height of your binder considering the length of your torso. Options include:

  • 23 cm / 9-inch: 3-panel binder
  • 31 cm / 12-inch: 4-panel binder


Lipoelastic Size

Measurements in inches
Waist Binder height
XS 22¾ - 24¾ 9, 12¼
S 25¼ - 27¼ 9, 12¼
M 27½ - 30 9, 12¼
L 30¼ - 33½ 9, 12¼
XL 33¾ - 37 9, 12¼
XXL 37½ - 40½ 9, 12¼
3XL 41 - 44 9, 12¼
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