Whats the Difference between 1st stage and 2nd stage post surgery bras?


What is the difference between 1st stage and 2nd stage post surgery bras?


0-6 weeks

During the first six weeks post breast surgery you will be wearing what is called a first stage post surgery bra.

This is a front fastening compression bra, the level of compression will be dependant on the type of surgery you have had and what your surgeon has recommended whether that be high, medium or light. You will need to wear your first stage compression bra for a minimum of six weeks. 

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It is recommended to have two bras one to wash and one to wear, in order to optimise the compression wash regularly. 

6-16 weeks

The second stage of your recovery journey starts from around 6 weeks to 16 weeks. Depending on the type of breast surgery you have had, you may decide to go for a second stage bra or maybe an Amoena first fit bra. These are still wire free and can be front fastening.

It is advisable for breast augmentation to continue to wear your compression bra past the first and second stage of recovery. How often is up to personal preference, You can wear it as a sleep bra, during the day or as a sports bra. 

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