Breast Changes Post Pregnancy

Did you know that is not necessarily breast feeding that causes changes to the appearance of your breasts post pregnancy?

Mothers who choose not to nurse their babies can still experience the same amount of "droopiness" as a mother who chose to bottle feed.

Every body and every pregnancy is different. It is actually down to hormones, age, genetics and weight gain during pregnancy to the change in breast and nipple shape, size and appearance.

During your pregnancy your cooper ligaments stretch which could lead to sagging. Your skin elasticity also plays a huge factor and even whether you smoked pre-pregnancy can have an effect as smoking has a direct impact on your skin elasticity.

This could potentially mean that you are more prone to sagging post pregnancy or post breast feeding. That is not to say that your breast tissue won't return to a similar shape or size, again it depends on the person.

Obviously sagging or drooping of the breast tissue is a natural ageing process that along with gravity, pregnancy, menopause, hormonal changes can be accelerated. 

There are somethings that you can do to help prolong the ageing process of your breast tissue, these include:

1. Wearing a well fitting supportive bra

2. Avoid quick weight fluctuations

3. Exercise regularly

4. Avoid extended UV exposure where possible

5. Maintain a healthy varied diet

Drinking a pregnancy safe collagen throughout your pregnancy will also help with the skin elasticity which amongst other benefits could potentially reduce the ageing process. 

Purermama have amazing pregnancy safe collagens and vitamins which I would highly recommend, you can see their pregnancy safe range by clicking here

If post pregnancy the appearance of your breasts is something that does bother you and you would like to know more about surgery the Eterno 360 clinic based in Windsor hosts a live on instagram every Thursday at 7 which you can post your questions via email, DM or live. The link to their website is here

If you do have any questions or would like help with styles and sizes postpartum, why not book in for a bra fitting.

Please feel free to contact us on 01622 805108 or email us at 


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