Collection: Breast Augmentation

At The Fitting Service we stock of a range of post op bras suitable for post breast augmentation. All of our breast augmentation bras have been designed with medical professionals and are from reputable medical compression brands such as Macom, Lipoelastic and Recova 

Our breast augmentation bras are suitable whether you have had implants or fat transfer to the breast and provide optimal support to help with your recovery journey. By wearing a compression bra after your procedure it will help stablise and support the breasts during your inital first stage of healing and help you enhance your post surgical results.

 Post Breast Augmentation bra recommendations

The Macom I-bra : Perfect for larger implants (350cc+) or anatomical implants 

The Lipoelastic Pi Relax: features a special hemming technology that prevents the bra rolling up. 

It is recommended to buy 2 post-surgery bras for hygiene reasons.We offer 10% off the second bra you purchase, this is automatically applied at checkout

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