When is it time to get rid of your bra ?

Let's face it, we all have bras in our drawer that are well past their sell by date but when is the right time to get rid of our bras?

  • When they are no longer providing the correct support, they start irritating you when you are wearing them and you are having to constantly adjust them

  • The elastic is stretched. The underband accounts for most of the support of the bra, if the elastic is worn out then the underband can't provide most the support. Similarly if your straps have been adjusted to the tightest setting and are still falling off your shoulders, then they have worn out too!

  • It no longer makes you feel amazing, when you choose to put on your bra in the morning it should make you feel good. If the bra you are putting on is discoloured, bobbled, has holes in the lace, the wire is poking out, the hook and eyes are nearly falling out... then it is time to throw it away.

  • It has been over washed and the cups have stretched and it isn't its original shape!

  • It is uncomfortable, you bought it because it was cheap and it has never fit you correctly!

    Splitting up with our bras can be hard and there's always that occasion that you might need it... if you don't like throwing things away send them to us to be recycled.
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