Brand Partners

At the Fitting Service we wanted to create a community that is by women, for women, that celebrates, inspires and appreciates women and women in business. We have created some amazing partnerships with products and services that we personally would and have used. 


Preloved Reloved 

Do you have any items that you no longer need or didn't use whilst going through treatment for cancer? For example, Wigs, Mastectomy Bras, PICC Line Covers, Chemo Caps/ Turbans, Headscarves, Drain Bags, Mastectomy Pillows or anything you would like to donate that you think others could use?

If so please get in touch with Jo via instagram at @prelovedrel0ved or email at


Sara Duane 

If you’re thinking about having Microblading or Permanent Makeup, then naturally, finding the right professional is the next step. Sara Duane has been a hair and beauty industry professional for over 25 years and specialises in natural, almost undetectable cosmetic and medical tattooing. 

Sara offers eyebrow microblading as well as eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip tattooing, 3D nipple/areola tattooing and scar camouflage treatments. 

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Essential Healing

Essential healing offers holistic therapies such as reflexology along with Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD). Making Essential Healing the perfect partner for pregnancy, postpartum or post surgery journey.

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Big Sisters

Whether you know you want to transition, or are just happy to be exploring your feminine side, big sisters have a range of services to help you on your journey from personal shopping to female etiquette. 

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