PostPartum Compression : The Benefits of Wearing Compression After Giving Birth

Why Wear Compression after giving birth?

The use of compression garments post delivery helps to optimise the healing process and helps to fuse the abdominal muscles back together. 

During pregnancy, your body produces hormones, one being relaxin which allows everything to stretch and become more malleable to accommodate your baby. It takes around 8-10 weeks for the hormones to reduce after labour, so whilst the relaxin is decreasing, wearing compression garments can really promote the healing of the muscles 

That is not to say that your body will not heal naturally but wearing compression optimises the process.


The benefits of wearing compression after a cesarean delivery


Compression garments allows blood to pump more efficiently to the trauma site, increasing the blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the trauma site which in turn helps the appearance of the scar.

Scars are more than just an aesthetic issue, they can become hypertrophic, where they bulge out from the skin and can become increasingly painful. By wearing compression you will allow the scarring to heal flat. 

Due to the increase in blood microcirculation it will reduce the risk of a hematoma (which is a build up of blood under the skin) which can happen up to 3 weeks after surgery. The increase in circulation will also help towards decreasing post operative bruising. 

It increases lymphatic drainage! The lymphatic system is our own natural waste system which moves fluid and expels toxins. After Surgery it is important that the lymphatic system is working as efficiently as possible to optimise healing. By removing any excess fluid, it will reduce, swelling, pain and reduces the risk of seromas which is a buildup of fluid underneath the skin.

The Ultimate c section recovery kit 
The ultimate c-section recovery kit includes abdominal foam insert, highback girdle and abdominal binder. 

After a cesarean delivery inserts are also recommended to be worn under the girdle. The use of the insert will not only help to decrease dead space but it will transport fluid from the abdomen and will also increase blood microcirculation which will promote healing. The insert will also cocoon the abdomen for extra comfort. It is advised to be wearing the girdle and insert by the third day after giving birth. 

The Abdominal Foam Insert

The Abdominal Compression Inserts are worn underneath your compression garment, in contact with the skin it provides gentle and , therefore, helping to keep the treated area flat and allowing the scarring to heal flat. The use of inserts help to decrease dead space, facilitate the retraction of the skin. The insert provides extra support to the surgical site and reduces fluid retention, minimising the risk of hematomas, alleviating the post-surgery bruising & optimising lymphatic drainage post-procedure, thus optimising your healing process.

Suitable for natural and caesarean deliveries. The key features of the high back girdle is that is double skinned in the key abdominal areas to ensure maximum support and comfort. There are two rows of hook and eyes so that the garment is adjustable after the initial swelling subsides. All the seams are outward facing to ensure maximum comfort and there is no contact with incision areas. It has a gusset opening and the high back not only provides extra support but smooths the silhouette. 

The 3 panel Binder  

For optimum postpartum compression after a c- section delivery it is recommended to wear the binder alongside the High BackGirdle and the Abdominal Foam insert. 

A 4 panel binder is also available which has a width of 12 inches instead of the 9 inches.

The Feeding Vest 


Suitable for natural delivery. The Feeding Vest is a postnatal body shaping abdominal compression garment, with built-in expandable cups, which mold to your cup size...perfect for when your milk comes in! It is non-wired with drop-down clips to make nursing easy.

The abdominal part of the garment is double-skinned to ensure maximum support and comfort. 

The Feeding Vest is perfect for postpartum body shaping, providing support, aids postpartum healing, and is a fantastic nursing bra. This product is a postpartum must-have whether you decide to breastfeed or not.

The Waist Sculptor

The waist sculptor is suitable to wear straightaway after a natural birth and can be worn over the top of your feeding vest.

The waist sculptor instantly gives the wearer an hourglass figure making it the perfect shapewear! Alternatively, it can be used asa disciplined waist sculpting tool, for best results it is recommended to wear for 6 hours daily.




For postpartum garments, we recommend ordering one size larger than your pre-pregnancy size. If you do have any questions about sizing please contact us at

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