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The LIPOELASTIC scar gel is a post surgery must have, enriched with vitamin E, is a silicone-based solution designed to effectively address and prevent abnormal scars, including hypertrophic and keloid types. Suitable for application on various skin areas, such as the face, neck, joints, and skin folds. 

Key Benefits Of The LIPOELASTIC Scar Gel 

  • Flattening scars
  • Softening scar tissue
  • Thinning scars
  • Reducing scar redness
  • Alleviating scar tension and itching
  • Improving joint mobility
  • Enhancing overall comfort
  • Enhancing the aesthetic appearance of scars

The scar gel is transparent, quick-drying, non-greasy and a silky-smooth texture, making it easy to apply to scarred tissue anywhere on the body.

It's suitable for use on both old and new scars, particularly for addressing hypertrophic and keloid scars, burn scars, and post-operative scars. Additionally, it helps manage persistent issues associated with scars, such as redness, tension, itching, joint movement limitations, and discomfort.

You can apply makeup to the LIPOELASTIC gel after it has dried. Apply a new layer of LIPOELASTIC gel to the scar after intense activity such as sports or contact with water.

How long should I use the LIPOELASTIC scar gel for? 

The usual healing time for a scar is 3–6 months.

. The duration of use varies based on scar characteristics and individual circumstances, typically lasting until the scar flattens, diminishes in redness, or resolves other concerns. Consulting with a healthcare professional regarding treatment duration is advisable. Each tube provides several weeks of use, and prolonged treatment may necessitate multiple packs.

Composition: Polysiloxanes, Vitamin E Quantity: 10g


  • Avoid applying creams or oils to the scar area before using LIPOELASTIC gel. thoroughly cleanse and degrease the skin before application.
  • Apply the gel gently around the scar's edges.
  • Consider combining with LIPOELASTIC silicone patches for enhanced efficacy.
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