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Cellulite is caused by fat cells protruding through the skin’s layers. There are many factors that contribute to the formation of cellulite, such as diet and lifestyle, genetics, blood flow to the area and the type of underwear you wear. We have developed anti cellulite leggings, shorts and tops to reign in those pesky cellulite pimples with advanced technology, because you deserve to feel confident when showing some skin. 

The CRYSTALSMOOTH® range uses patented emana® fibre technology to effectively target cellulite for lasting smooth skin. CRYSTALSMOOTH® use this intelligent and luxurious fabric as it is lightwearing, latex-free and creates smoother skin by regulating blood flow and body heat to improve lymphatic drainage.

We stock a range of garments to combat the appearance of cellulite, which also look and feel great. We have different styles available that cover the areas of your body where you are most likely prone to cellulite development such as your legs, tummy, waist and back. Specifically, we carry anti cellulite shorts, anti cellulite leggings, plus long and short loungewear. All our garments are super comfortable and can be worn at the gym during a work-out or underneath your clothing for a smoother appearance. 

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