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LIPOELASTIC KPress binder - Natural

LIPOELASTIC KPress binder - Natural

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The Lipoelastic Kpress post surgery abdominal binder is suitable in the first and second stage of your tummy tuck or liposuction recovery. 

The Kpress binder is a Lipoelastic bestseller and is available in two lengths, 9.5 inches and 12.5 inches.

Key Features of the Lipoelastic KPress Binder 


  •  Velcro fastening featuring a resistant fabric on the outside of the velcro so it doesn't catch or pull on other fabrics
  • Fastening consists of two diagonal panels that securely cover each other and won’t open by themselves
  • The Kpress abdominal binder is reinforced with 3 flexible ligaments ensuring that the belt does not roll up and moves with the wearer 
  • It is available in Black and Natural


Abdominal belts provide essential compression post surgery but also help support your posture after your procedure, however,  it is also recommended to wear a foam insert underneath to enhance comfort, compression and post operative results. To see our range of inserts please click here 


Lipoelastic follow medical sizing so your compression size may not be the sme as your usual clothes size. If you do have any questions on Lipoelastic sizing please contact us on 01622 805108. 

Lipoelastic Sizing Measurements in inches
Waist Binder height
S-M 24¾  - 30 9½,12½
L-XL 30¼ - 37 9½,12½
XXL-3XL 37½ - 44 9½,12½
4XL-5XL 44¼ - 51


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