Collection: Breast Reduction and Uplift

A post-surgery bra is an essential item for anyone recovering from breast reduction (mammoplasty) or breast uplift (mastopexy)surgery. Our range of post breast reduction bras have been selected to help you recover in comfort. 

At The Fitting Service we stock a range of post surgery compression brands such as Macom, Lipoelastic and Recova. All of their compression bras are specifically designed in collaboration with surgeons to assist and support your healing journey. The use of compression post surgery helps to reduce post surgical complications such as edema, haematomas and seromas.

Wearing a compression bra after your breast reduction will also help to ehance post-operative results by stabilising and supporting the bust. For more information about the benefits of compression you can read our blog post here 

It is recommended to buy 2 post-surgery bras for hygiene reasons as you will be wearing your post-breast reduction bra day and night for up to 4 months or as per your surgeons recommendation.

We offer 10% off the second bra you purchase, this is automatically applied at checkout

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