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Why Should You Wear Compression After Surgery?

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The first use of compression therapy is thought to be by Hippocrates roughly 2500 years ago (460–370 BC) to treat sequelae of venous insufficiency

National Library of Medicine

What Is Post Surgical Compression?

Post Surgical compression can play a key role into optimising your healing journey after undergoing cosmetic procedures. 


Although the use of compression therapy may not be a new concept, its recognition as a vital form of therapy post-operation has gained prominence only in recent times. With positive feedback from patients and successful outcomes, surgeons now acknowledge compression as a crucial element in the healing journey after cosmetic surgery. Despite a limited amount of experimental research on post-operative compression garment use, there's a growing trend among surgeons, clinics, and hospitals to recommend these garments. Patients are increasingly encouraged to invest in compression wear immediately after their surgeries, aiming to expedite recovery and minimize the risk of complications.

Compression garments are specifically designed from breathable and elastic medical-grade materials, whether it's post liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reduction surgery, abdominoplasty, or other aesthetic abdominal, body or breast surgeries, their primary purpose is to accelerate the healing process by reducing post operative edema  (swelling) , stabilising the surgery site , and preventing fluid buildup.




What Are The Benefits of Post Surgical Compression

Increases The Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is our own natural waste system which moves fluid and expels toxins.

After your Surgery it is important that the lymphatic system is working as efficiently as possible to optimise your healing. 

By removing any excess fluid, it will reduce, swelling, pain and reduces the risk of seromas which is a build up of fluid underneath the skin.

Increases Circulation

Compression garments allows blood to pump more efficiently to the trauma site, increasing the blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the trauma site which in turn helps the appearance of the scar.

Scars are more than just an aesthetic issue, they can become hypertrophic, where they bulge out from the skin and can become increasingly painful. By wearing compression you will allow the scarring to heal flat.

Due to the increase in blood microcirculation it will reduce the risk of a hematoma (which is a build up of blood under the skin) which can happen up to 3 weeks after surgery. The increase in circulation will also help towards decreasing post operative bruising.

Enhances Post Surgical Results

If you are having breast surgery with implants wearing compression will help stabilise your implants and reduces the risk of rotation. If your implant is placed behind the muscle wearing compression can help alleviate the lactic acid build up post op.

Post Surgical Compression Garments also can  help to contour the body during the inital post surgery phase, especially after procedures like liposuction or tummy tucks. As Compression Garments  provide support and decreases any deadspace around the surgery site, it can help with  supporting the new shape and therefore enhncing the post surgical result.

Our customer service team are available to assist you with any further questions you may have about compression garments. You can send an enquiry through our contact form, email us at, or call our Maidstone Studio on 01622 805108. We aim to answer all enquiries within 48 hours.

Post Surgical Compression Garments FAQ

How Tight Should My Compression Garment Be ?

Although you need the garment to be tight. The garment should fit snugly without being overly tight and causing discomfort. A helpful guideline is that you should be able to slide your hand underneath without exerting force. Wearing a binder or compression garment excessively tight may lead to rolling down. The garment should lay smoothly and flat against your skin.

How Long should I wear My Compression Garment For ?

Depending on your surgical procedure your surgeon or breast care nurse should reccomend how long you should wear your compression garment. Usually the first stage of healing is around 6 weeks but you may find that you are required to wear your first stage garment for up to 12 weeks

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