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The Ultimate C-section Recovery Kit

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The Ultimate C-Section Recovery Kit optimises your healing time through the use of medical-grade compression. It is advised to wear compression post surgery, so why not post c-section? 

Why wear compression garments?

According to surgeons, maintaining a consistent external pressure on deep tissues will lessen the chances of common post-surgery complications and enhance treatment outcomes, improving healing times, minimising scarring and reducing pain.

All Macom Medical products are designed with medical professionals to ensure maximum benefit to the patient.

Macom® compression garments are safe on even the most sensitive or highly reactive skin types and the material holds the CE-mark. All of their products are free from latex and nickel. Macom® products are also vegan friendly, there are no animal derived products in our garments, only cotton, polyamide and elastane.

 What is included in the ultimate recovery kit?


1 x highback girdle
1 x abdominal insert and 1 x
3 panel binder ( 4 panels are available on request) 

After a cesarean delivery inserts are recommended to be worn under the girdle. The use of the insert will not only help to decrease dead space but it will transport fluid from the abdomen and will also increase blood microcirculation which will promote healing.

The insert will also cocoon the abdomen for extra comfort. It is advised to be wearing the girdle and insert by the third day after giving birth. 

For optimum postpartum compression after a c- section delivery, it is recommended to wear the binder alongside the High Back Girdle and the Abdominal Foam insert. This is why we have created the kit.