Bra Fitting Guide

Buying a bra is just like buying a pair of jeans, in different styles, colours and brands you may be a different size. Depending on the brand you may also find that the way they measure is different to other brands causing you to be a different size. For this reason we prefer to focus on fitting a bra rather than measuring for a bra. 

There are 5 elements that you need to consider when fitting a bra, these are: 




1. The wires should fully encompass the breast tissue, they should not sit dramatically lower than the natural crease ( this means the cup is generally too big) if the wires are sitting on top of the breast tissue then the cup is too small,  the best way to see this is if you lift your arm up. Look at the side of the bra as well to ensure that they are sitting around the natural crease of the tissue rather than clipping it or sitting too high.

2. If the cup is gapping then it is too big (so go down in the cup size) if the breast tissue is spilling out then it is too small (so go up in the cup size, depending on how much is spilling out will determine whether you go up 1 or 2 sizes) different styles will suit different shapes, please click here to see which style of bra will suit me. 

3. The centre front should sit flush to the chest, if it is pulling away and sitting on the tissue then the cup is too small. 

4. The underband provides 80% of the support or the bra, therefore it is important that it isn't too loose. You should only be able to get two fingers behind the back of the underband and around to the side seam. If you can pull the back further out than the two fingers then you should try the next band size down. 

5. Just like the underband, you should only be able to get 2 fingers underneath the bra strap. If your straps are digging in then you will need to go down in the band size. It is perfectly normal to have straps at different lengths as we are all slightly different. 


If you are still unsure about any size queries or are in need of more fitting advice, book in for a virtual or face to face fitting consultation. Please click the link to book.