Collection: Theya Healthcare

Theya Healthcare is a femtech business that was founded in 2012 created by women for women. Founded through a clear gap in the market, Theya provides sustainable post-operative, maternity and postnatal garments. 

Theya Healthcare uses a patented bamboo mix fabric, which, is extremely soft and breathable. Since they only use bamboo that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 approved, you can be sure that it is free of harmful substances and will be kind to skin, even extremely sensitive skin!

Their bamboo material is antibacterial and helps people with skin ailments, breast pain, blisters, burns, skin breakages and leaky wounds. It's your best friend for your healing journey.

Why The Fitting Service stocks Theya Healthcare

During my time as a Lingerie Manager for a department store, I had the pleasure of fitting with Theya Healthcare products and fell in love with not only the brand story and their ethics but with how soft and yet clever the fabric is. They are truly lovely items not only to look at but in the functionality of supporting you post-surgery or during and after pregnancy! I knew that having had experienced the products before that I had to stock them at The Fitting Service. 

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