Why Should You Wear Compression After Surgery?

Why Should You Wear Compression After Surgery?

The post surgery phase is extremely important after any procedure because it is critical that the result of the surgery is not compromised.

It is possible that your surgeon has already recommended that you wear a compression garment after your procedure for a minimum of 6 weeks 24/7.

But why is compression important?

It helps to heal the trauma site

Compression garments allows blood to pump more efficiently to the trauma site, increasing the blood flow allows more oxygen and nutrients to get to the trauma site which in turn helps the appearance of the scar.

Scars are more than just an aesthetic issue, they can become hypertrophic, where they bulge out from the skin and can become increasingly painful. By wearing compression you will allow the scarring to heal flat. 

Due to the increase in blood microcirculation it will reduce the risk of a hematoma (which is a build up of blood under the skin) which can happen up to 3 weeks after surgery. The increase in circulation will also help towards decreasing post operative bruising. 

Increases Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is our own natural waste system which moves fluid and expels toxins. After Surgery it is important that the lymphatic system is working as efficiently as possible to optimise healing. By removing any excess fluid, it will reduce, swelling, pain and reduces the risk of seromas which is a build up of fluid underneath the skin.

Stabilises implants

If you are having a breast surgery with implants wearing compression will help stabilise your implants and reduces the risk of rotation. If your implant is placed behind the muscle wearing compression can help alleviate the lactic acid build up post op. 


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