Garment Gare Advice


Where possible please hand wash with a mild detergent, if hand washing is not possible then please use a delicate machine wash on 30 degrees, fastening the hook and eyes before placing in a lingerie bag (if available) and then in the machine. 

It might sound peculiar, but bras do not need to be washed after every wear, after wearing your bra please lay it flat to allow the elastic to rest and leave at least a day between wearing the same bra. 

If hand washing then use a delicate hand washing detergent and soak the bra in warm water for a few minutes to allow the soap to penetrate the fabric, rinse the item and pat dry with a towel to remove any excess water and dry flat. For moulded bras you may just need to reshape them before allowing to dry.

Please do not:
  • wring dry bras
  • put in the tumble dryer
  • use fabric conditioner
  • over wash
  • fold padded cups into each other
  • leave your prosthesis in the bra when not wearing it 

Compression garments

Due to the nature of compression garments and having to wear one all the time for the first 6 weeks, it is advised to have 2 garments, one to wear and one in the wash. 

Similarly to looking after your bras please use a delicate 30 degree machine wash, using a mild detergent, fastening all hook and eyes before hand. This also applies to foam inserts. 

Please do not: 

  • put in the tumble dryer
  • use fabric conditioner 
  • bleach, iron, dry clean 
  • remove stains with solvents