Why is it important to wear a well fitting bra during pregnancy ?!

Why is it important to wear a 'well fitting' bra during pregnancy ?!


I've been there girls- the mountain of items that you need to buy for the baby and not to mention the clothes each trimester for the quickly expanding bump because the baby wanted the whole tray of foxes biscuits- obviously! And the last thing you want to do is spend money on some bras "you're not going to be in for long".

However, maternity and nursing bras are designed in a specific way to support you during your pregnancy and breast feeding journey.

▫️ They allow for your diaphragm to grow

▫️ They have seam friendly cups to avoid any irritation

▫️ They may have a cotton lining to provide comfort and temperature regulate

▫️They are designed with your comfort in mind

During pregnancy wearing a well fitting bra most importantly supports the breast tissue, this therefore, reduces back pain and neck pain! It also helps your posture which is super important during pregnancy to give room for your growing bump. Wearing a well fitting bra also reduces the risk of blocking any milk ducts. Wearing a bra that is too tight can restrict the breast tissue and potentially could lead to plugged milk ducts.

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