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Macom Signature Bra - Red

Macom Signature Bra - Red

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The Macom Medical Signature bra is suitable for most breast procedures including breast augmentation, breast reduction, uplift, and mastectomy. It also is a popular choice during pregnancy due to the expandable cups.  

The expandable cups will allow the bra to mold to your new chest size whilst stabilizing and protecting the breasts as your body heals. The bra is front fastening and seamless to guarantee no snagging or rubbing against any scars or any sensitive skin. 

Compression increases your blood circulation, controls pain, minimizes swelling, and reduces the risks associated with surgery. The signature bra has a deep back which offers superior support and is ideal for use as a post-surgery sports bra. 

Macom bras have expandable cups so the only measurement required is your current underband size as the cups will mold to your new cup size. 

If you have any questions about any of our products, sizing or you can't see your size please contact us at 

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Macom Medical garments are made of 90.4% Polyamide and 9.6% Elastane.

All products are 100% latex free.

They are fully breathable, hypoallergenic and do not retain body heat.


All Macom Medical​ products should be washed by hand, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. They should be air dried.

Bleach and fabric conditioner should never be used on the products. 

Please do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the garments as this may lead to permanent alteration of their shape and a loss of elasticity.

Do not remove stains with solvents.

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