The Ultimate Guide to MACOM Bras: Everything You Need to Know

Why Should You Buy A Macom Bra?

Macom medical is the UK’s leading distributor of medical grade compression garments and shapewear.

All of Macom's compression garments are handmade and have been designed in partnership with some of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons.

Macom bras are designed with comfort in mind.

All of their products are free from latex and nickel. Macom products are also vegan friendly, there are no animal derived products in our garments, only cotton, polyamide and elastane. Macom bras are available in sizes XS through XXL.

Types Of Macom Bras Available


The Signature Bra


The signature bra is our most popular post surgery bra. It is suitable for most breast surgery procedures, including:

breast augmentation

breast reduction

breast uplift

fat transfer to breast 


The signature bra features expandable cups, no underwiring, no seams, adjustable front closure and medical grade compression. 

The Macom signature bra is perfect for use as a sleep bra or a sports bra after your surgery to help maintain your surgery. 

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The Ultimate Bra 


The Ultimate bra is a longline bra and has the lowest neckline out of all of our post-surgery bras to maximize wardrobe versatility. It is suitable for:

breast augmentation,

Breast uplift

Breast reduction

 Breast reconstruction

The longline design offers extended under-bust compression that helps to minimise swelling. Compression increases your blood circulation, controls pain, minimises swelling, and reduces the risks associated with surgery.

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The i bra 

The Macom i-Bra is the most supportive post-surgery bra from the Macom range. It is ideal for larger implants (350cc or larger)

The i-Bra is suitable for anatomical implants and helps prevent implant rotation. The compression around the back will not only stabilise the implant but also will help to minimise swelling. 

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