How to Avoid The 'Baby Belly' Post C- Section Delivery

How to Avoid The 'Baby Belly' Post C- Section Delivery


By Lauren Harris @laurenelizabeth_xx

May 2, 2018

Diet and exercise is great for trying to get back to your pre baby shape, but sometimes that alone isn’t enough.

Let me share my secret!

Whilst pregnant I did a lot of research (I’m a great researcher, you can always guarantee anything I chose to do has been studied inside out before I decide) about post baby stomach fixes. I knew that as much as tried to lose the excess weight, my stomach had been through a lot. Somehow our bodies manage to stretch and contain a full human, it’s incredible, so it’s understandable that after that we’re left with a different body than we started with.

I began to research post surgery/baby stomach support. I’m sure you have seen the Kardashians promoting waist training and pretending if we buy one, we will look like them (if only) but this is slightly different.

From working in the cosmetic surgery industry I’m very familiar with ‘post surgery compression garments’ we provide them after almost every type of surgery as the benefit of them is huge.

Medical grade compression garments basically support the area and encourage the damaged and stretched tissues and muscles to return to their original form.

Immediately after my c-section I found it really hard to wear any clothes without them rubbing on my scar, and also due to the swelling if I wore anything remotely tight it would leave weird indentations and make my tummy all lumpy.

I spoke to the girls at Macom Medical, and decided to try their ‘miracle waist binder’

I also used the ‘caesarian compression insert’ to protect my scar and help with the swelling around it.

I wore it from morning to evening under my clothes and I can’t rave about it enough. Firstly it supported my back (after a c-section for a while you walk almost bent over!) and improved my posture, slowly allowing me to straighten out. It also made me feel very secure and less worried about banging my stomach. The added extra was that it smoothed out my swollen tummy meaning I looked so much better in clothes!

For me though, the most important thing was what it was doing for my insides! That support and compression was helping my stomach muscles to come back together and taking the bloat and swelling down.

I’m 100% sure that without wearing it consistently, my recovery and post baby tum wouldn’t have been improved so fast!

There are different products that fasten at the crotch and for some that may work but my wee aim isn’t great so I felt I’d wee all over it and stink of piss all day. It does work for other people though.

Although as mentioned we use Macom Medical at MYA so I know they are great, I did research other brands too (course I did, are you getting the pattern here)! Some were cheaper but after reading reviews I decided you get what you pay for!

Macom have given me a code for 15% off too when I told them I’d be mentioning it in my blog. LAUREN15

P.S this isn’t some code where I get commission! It’s purely a discount code that Macom have allowed me to share with you 

( we have matched this discount code so please use LAUREN15 at checkout for any of our postnatal compression garments)

I still wear mine now if I’m not going anywhere as it doesn’t just have to be straight after the baby. They can also be used just to pull you in and give you a nice shape until you get back to feeling confident without it!


Also, Jessica Alba raves about it after her 3 kids, if it’s good enough for her…


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