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Macom High Back Girdle - black

Macom High Back Girdle - black

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The Macom High Back Girdle is an post surgery compression garment ideal for abdominal surgeries, caesaren recovery or liposuction procedures. It is a front fastening compression girdle with an adjustable set of hook and eyes. The straps are also adjustable and it includes a gusset fastening. The Macom Girdle is available in black and clay. 

The key features of the Macom High Back Girdle

It is double skinned in the key abdominal areas to ensure maximum support and comfort. There are two rows of hook and eyes so that the garment is adjustable after the initial swelling subsides. All the seams are outward facing to ensure maximum comfort and there is no contact with incision areas. 

The Macom High Back Compression Girdle is perfect for:

  • Postpartum after both a natural and after a caesarean delivery.
  •  Abdominal surgeries,
  • Liposculpting,
  • Flank liposuction
  • liposuction to the bra roll.

To increase the healing process the use of inserts are recommended. Inserts help to decrease dead space, and facilitate the retraction of the skin post detachment. 

After a cesarean delivery inserts are also recommended to be worn under the girdle. The use of the insert will not only help to decrease dead space but it will transport fluid from the abdomen and will also increase blood microcirculation which will promote healing. The insert will also cocoon the abdomen for extra comfort. It is advised to be wearing the girdle and insert by the third day after giving birth. 

*Please note that the Macom High Back Girdle does not have a bra included. 

Our Recommended insert: 

Abdominal / Flank Compression Insert


90% Polyamide and 10% elastane 

All   garments are 100% latex-free, fully breathable, hypoallergenic, and do not retain body heat.


All  products should be washed by hand, at a maximum temperature of 30°C. They should be air dried.

Bleach and fabric conditioner should never be used on the products. 

Do not tumble dry, iron or dry clean the garments as this may lead to permanent alteration of their shape and a loss of elasticity.

Do not remove stains with solvents.


Size Guide 

Macom Size Guide 

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Please note: If your measurements are borderline between sizes, we always recommend going with the larger size.

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