How To Survive The Fourth trimester

The Fourth Trimester is the 12 week period immediately after giving birth. It is a time where both physically and mentally you are adjusting to your new life with surging hormones and lack of sleep - it can be really challenging!

Here are my top tips for surviving the fourth trimester, if I have missed something or there was something that really worked for you, please share in the comments

Know that feeling emotional is totally normal

Baby Blues are real. The pressures of having a newborn and adjusting to your new life on a lack of sleep and still full of pregnancy hormones, it is perfectly normal to feel emotional, have mood swings, not feel your normal self or slightly anxious. That being said if you do feel overly anxious or chronically sad, reach out to your doctor or healthcare professional and don't feel ashamed to do so, they are there to help.

Proffee (protein powder in coffee) Or a Protein shake

Sitting down for breakfast can be challenging in the first few weeks and you may still be running on adrenaline and not fancy eating or are only managing to get to eat at 11 am when you've been up since the crack of dawn.

By putting protein powder into coffee or having a shake is a great way of adding extra protein to repair your muscles after giving birth. If you are breast feeding or any medication postpartum please consult your healthcare professional.

Supplements and maintaining a balanced diet 

If you are breast feeding please always check the labels or consult your health professional before taking any supplements and please note they should be taken as part of a balanced diet. I recommend 'the source of life' in the liquid form. It is jam packed with lots of different nutrients! Planet Organic has a great range of supplements, so definitely worth checkout out their website. 

If you can, batch cook and freeze before giving birth so meal times are fuss free for a while whilst you're still adjusting and really can't be bothered to cook.

Compression Garments

Compression garments postpartum are a brilliant way of binding the abdominal muscles back together post delivery. They reduce any swelling, especially after a Caesarean delivery it will allow an increase in microcirculation which means more nutrients and oxygen carried in your blood will get to the incision site which will promote healing.

They also help lymphatic drainage which will help get rid of any toxins from any medication you may have had during labour. They also help to reduce back pain and help with the soft abdominal tissue left after giving birth aka la jelly belly.

Massage/ Reflexology

If you are in a position whereby a massage or reflexology would be a possibility it is highly recommended for lymphatic drainage but also to alleviate any muscle tension from tensing during labour.

Meet other mums

Speaking to other mums gives you the chance to speak about what you're going through with people that are going through or have been through the same. Sometimes you may feel a little lonely if your friends, family and partner are at work so it is a great way to still socialise. 

Go for walks

According to @Bustle Walking for twenty minutes has been proven to boost your mood and energy and is a pleasant change of scenery.



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